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Private Equity

Private Equity

In a tough deal-making and exit environment where it is getting more and more difficult to generate strong returns for Limited Partners, Private Equity (PE) funds are under pressure to make smarter investment decisions and work harder than ever before to enhance the value of their portfolio companies.


This is where we come in and partner with PE funds and enable them to generate superior returns through robust analytical services and solutions, across the investment value chain.

Deal sourcing

We work with PE clients to efficiently sift through large volumes of data from social media, e-commerce platforms, industry reports and other public sources to identify potential targets for investment. Our approach enables PE clients to identify trends and zero in on potential targets before the information is widely known. This helps create an alternate channel for deal sourcing to complement the in-house sourcing process.


Due diligence

We partner with PE firms at the due diligence stage to perform independent evaluations of the potential target firms’ industry, business model, products and services, customers etc. This enables our PE clients to quickly assess and analyze the public and internal company data to ensure the investment thesis is based on accurate and data-driven assumptions.


Portfolio company operations

PE firms can generate alpha through active portfolio management. We collaborate with the PE firms to enhance the value of their investments by providing advanced analytical solutions to improve the performance of their portfolio companies. We work with the portfolio companies across various functional areas such as Sourcing & Procurement, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Logistics and Distribution, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Risk Management and Technology, to enable them to make smart data-driven decisions.


At an overall portfolio level, we leverage data analytics to identify cross-portfolio synergies in sourcing & procurement, shared services, and commodity and currency risk management, among other areas.