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From deal sourcing to Sales and Marketing, apply advanced analytics to drive decisions

Private Equity

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We offer solutions such as:

  1. Advanced Analytics that drive efficient deal sourcing
  2. Due-diligence Analytics
  3. Analytics that drive value at portfolio companies

Deal sourcing strategies:

We partner with PE clients to efficiently sift through large volumes of data from social media, e-commerce platforms, industry reports and other public sources to identify potential targets for investment.

Our approach is based on proprietary algorithms and tools that help identify early and emerging trends, that further lead to a shortlist of potential targets.

Due diligence:

We provide the “data analytics arbitrage” to more effectively evaluate the data room and public sources of information related to the industry, consumer sentiment etc. In order to help you make quick and accurate decisions, we endeavor to ramp-up and target the key hypotheses in very short turnaround times.

Portfolio company operations:

We collaborate with Private Equity firms and provide consistent analytical solutions, to enhance the value of investments by leveraging advanced analytics to improve the performance of the portfolio companies. 

To enable  smart data-driven decisions, we partner with Operating Partners and Senior Leadership of portfolio companies on functional areas such as Sourcing & Procurement, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Logistics and Distribution, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Risk Management, Technology etc..

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