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Data-driven decision systems

At Merilytics, we leverage our integrated expertise in Analytics and Technology to create customized data management solutions that address the evolving needs of clients. We actively collaborate with clients and enable them to make data-driven decisions by:

  1. Re-defining or refining the master data design and structures to ensure high integrity and completeness of all data
  2. Leveraging robust tools & technologies to build appropriate data flows and infrastructure for short-term and long-term data needs
  3. Develop automated end-to-end reporting suite spread across all functional areas

Master Data Management (MDM)

We support our clients in developing cohesive master data models as the quality of master data heavily influences the quality of various business processes and related decisions.

As business complexity increases due to customization, organic evolution and growth, we ensure that the data is up to date, complete and of high quality across the organization. Our approach is as follows:

  1. Bring in an integrated Business and Technology expertise across multiple domains, collaborate with business process owners to understand their needs, streamline various data capture interfaces, devise effective data sourcing strategies and develop data processing solutions leading to a robust data management environment
  2. Work across the value chain of the data – sourcing, staging, cleansing & harmonizing data to create the “golden record” which inherently becomes the “single source of truth” across the company
  3. Implement various models of Master Data Management such as Registry, Centralized, Co-existence & Consolidation and consult with the client’s Business & Technology teams on developing an Analytical or Operational MDM solution
  4. Configure the most appropriate matching engines rules and various matching styles (probabilistic and deterministic)
  5. Nominate and entrust various roles in the organization with data survivorship and data stewardship rules to help maintain high quality of data

Data Infrastructure

We design and implement on-premise (Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, MicroStrategy, Netezza etc.) and cloud-based data warehouse solutions (Snowflake, Redshift etc.), along with development of data lakes per client requirements. We also integrate the various data sources to define and develop KPIs for the business process owners, and codify them on to data cubes. In the process, we leverage various ETL tools and database environments to ensure that the data infrastructure is sustainable and scalable, to develop the BI layer on top of it, for various reporting needs. Some examples of our solutions are:

  1. Data Strategy
  2. Master Data Management Services
  3. Datawarehouse design and development solutions
  4. Data cubes development
  5. KPI definitions and codification
  6. Design and development of BI dashboards/reports on various platforms
  7. Maintenance of integrated data management infrastructure

Business Intelligence

As a natural end-goal of developing a cohesive master data management and robust data infrastructure, we also help clients with developing a comprehensive and automated reporting suite, in a way that the full potential of the data is utilized.

We work closely with the C-suite to define, design and develop executive and functional area dashboards that provide a visually compelling overall view of the business and detailed view of each functional area.

These dashboards enable executives to closely track and manage their business, in a self-serve mode with drill-down capabilities on early warning indicators and critical KPIs, to identify root causes an enable efficient decision making. These dashboards are deployed in an automated manner across multiple platforms (PowerBI, Tableau, DOMO, QlikView, Looker, Lumira, Spotfire etc.) and devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) for ease of access and use.


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