Merilytics | Consumer Financial Services
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Consumer Financial Services

Consumer Financial Services

While the consumer financial services firms have recovered from the financial crisis, regulatory headwinds, intense competition for most profitable customers and asymmetric competition from Fin-Tech companies is impacting the bottom-line.


Merilytics acts as the ideal partner to leverage advanced predictive analytics to increase the client’s risk-adjusted returns. Our solutions help consumer financial services firms make better business decisions by providing robust estimates of credit risk, customer lifetime value and optimizing the firm’s marketing, promotion and customer support spending.

Risk Management

At Merilytics, we approach risk management not as an add-on activity but something that needs to be actively managed in an integrated way across the customer life cycle. We leverage advanced predictive modelling and analytics to help financial services clients identify, measure and manage risk holistically. We specialize in developing acquisition stage risk and response models to enable resilient underwriting and ongoing lending policy management. We also offer advanced fraud detection algorithms that leverage transaction data, and online/offline customer activity logs.


Customer Analytics

We partner with financial services clients to better target potential customers, understand and manage the value of the customers through their life cycle through sophisticated life time value modelling. In today’s competitive and mature financial services market place retention of best customers is as important if not more than acquiring new customers. Merilytics offers analytics solutions to design and execute loyalty management and other customer management programs including Retention that are based on insights from vast transaction data available with financial institutions.


Marketing Analytics

We help financial services firms optimize their marketing spend across channels by using advanced testing and modelling techniques. Continuous testing and learning is critical to achieve optimal ROI on marketing and advertising investments. At Merilytics, we offer sophisticated test designs using advanced Design of Experiment (DoE) concepts with an eye towards managing complexity of implementation.


Regulatory Compliance

We create scalable analytical solutions to efficiently manage ever evolving regulatory landscape. Our solutions focus on providing and building in-depth understanding of the resiliency of our clients’ portfolios to various macroeconomic scenarios as well as internal strategic decisions. We offer portfolio optimization models that are integrated into CCAR and other regulatory processes.


With the advent of increased usage of models, it’s imperative to manage the risk associated with models. We offer solutions to identify and manage model risk through the development, validation, implementation, ongoing monitoring and redevelopment phases.