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Helping Clients Make

Smart Decisions


Delivering High Quality

Analytical Solutions


Adding Value to Generate

Superior Returns for Clients


Developing Customized Analytical

Applications and Tools

Distinctive, insightful and advanced analytical solutions to clients globally


Due Diligence

Analytical approach to sourcing leads and differentiate diligence activities

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Sales and Marketing

Enable clients to improve the ROI of marketing spend, optimize pricing and increase sales force effectiveness

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Effectively manage supply chain and improve operational efficiency

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Enable clients to track and forecast business performance and profitability at a granular level

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Help clients to improve their Master data, BI infrastructure and digital analytics capabilities

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Risk Management

Tools to identify, quantify, predict and manage risk and improve adjusted returns

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Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for the really hard work….it is going to change the way sales can evaluate themselves

Operating Partner, Private Equity Client

You are a tremendous partner and your team is making a difference in our company and business.

VP of Sales, CPG client

It has been a true privilege having you as colleagues and partners. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish lot of things without your tremendous help.

Operating Partner, Leading PE firm

Thank you for all your fantastic work and partnership, a real pleasure working with you.

Operating Partner, Leading PE firm

I wanted to say what a pleasure and good fortune it has been to have a partnership with Merilytics. We have come to expect outstanding capability and leverage from the Merilytics team through our partnership.

Director, CPG client

I wanted to thank all of you for the hard work you are all doing for our team.  I feel fortunate to have you on our team.

CFO, Leading Fitness Studio Chain

Our relationship has been very fruitful and has driven substantial value for our portfolio companies. We all are big fans of Merilytics.

Operating Partner, Private Equity client

Case Studies

Some examples of how we have created impact through our analytical partnerships with clients

Latest News
Once your business has started collecting and combining all kinds of data, the next elusive step is to extract value from it. Your data may hold tremendous amounts of potential value, but not an ounce of value can be created unless insights are uncovered and translated into actions or business outcomes.
Computer Weekly
There is huge demand for data scientists – but rather than build skills in-house, analyst Forrester suggests CIOs can outsource to specialist providers.
Computer Business Review
Big data analytics became a significant deal-driving trend in 2016 merger and acquisition activity as companies sought new data sources to feed their analytics capabilities.
A lot of people insist that intuition beats analytics. Each of them seems to have a favorite story about an executive who made some decision that defied both data and common sense, yet led to great success. But then, who would brag about all the bold decisions that backfired?
Information Week
What does it mean to call your company "data-driven?" Definitions range from simple reporting to viewing data science as a core business strategy. We asked executives from a variety of businesses to help us identify which traits are essential for becoming a truly data-driven company. See what we learned, and tell us how your organization stacks up.