Digital Analytics

Organizations in today’s interconnected world have many direct and indirect touch-points with their customers and the overall market. These touch points can be a valuable source of data and insight that can provide feedback to the business and drive better decisions by the Management and be more customer-centered.

Our capabilities and services, to mine and analyze large volumes of unstructured data from social media and other online sources, allow our clients to harness the power of digital analytics.

Some examples of our solutions:

Competitive Intelligence

Automated assessment and benchmarking of competitor product-price architecture, relative pricing, brand sentiment etc.

Identification of trending themes and entities through classifier algorithms and NLP based text analytics (entity and concept extraction, sentiment analysis) that can help clients automate the industry scan function.

Customer Insights

Develop digital profiles of consumers based on their social media engagement, online feedback, click-through behavior, location data etc.

Digital campaigns ROI

Set up and track online campaigns related to Affiliates, Search, Email, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and evaluate performance accurately to determine Customer Acquisition Costs and ROI of each channel.

Other Solutions

Intelligent Analytics

Distinctive Solutions

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