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At Merilytics, we leverage our expertise in analytics and technical capabilities to create customized technological solutions to address various pain points. We partner with clients to redefine their data structures, build robust and timely business intelligence tools and conduct digital assessment of their business.

Master Data Management (MDM)

We provide Master Data Management services to design, cleanse, migrate and maintain the Master data of the company across Customers, Suppliers, Products, Materials, Sales, People and Finance functions. The quality of Master data heavily influences the quality of various business processes and decisions. As business complexity increases due to customization and globalization, a large amount of data is generated on a daily basis. The amount of effort to keep it updated and ensure it is complete and of high quality, also increases significantly.


We develop a comprehensive understanding of all the business processes, and work with Senior Management to design the optimal data structure and format for the Master data for each business module, which can be translated in to appropriate ERP requirements. We transform the existing data in to the new Master data format, and work with process owners to validate the existing data and fill in the gaps. We also generate business intelligence reports to track and update the Master data, and maintain it as the business functions and processes evolve.

Business Intelligence

Many organizations often struggle to convert the large amount of data at their disposal to actionable insights that can drive business decisions. They leverage Business Intelligence tools, but without appropriately designed reporting that meets the core needs of the business and provides intelligent inputs in to the decision making process, the full potential of the data is not utilized.


We work with organizations to build and enhance their end-to-end BI capabilities. Our services include the following:

  • Design the “intelligent” reports and dashboards, which comprise of the right metrics and parameters that support the process owners,
  • Set up the data warehouse and intermediary data cube, to efficiently leverage real-time information from diverse sources
  • Execute the “intelligent” reporting on various BI platforms such as Tableau, Power BI, QlikView etc.

Digital Analytics

Organizations in today’s interconnected world have many direct and indirect touchpoints with their customers. These touch points can be a valuable source of data and insights that can provide feedback in to the business and drive better decisions by the Management.


Our capabilities and services to mine and analyze large volumes of unstructured data from social media and other online sources, allow clients to harness the power of digital analytics in the following areas:

  • Competitive intelligence: Assess and benchmark competitor product-price architecture, relative pricing, brand sentiment etc.
  • Customer insights: Develop digital profiles of consumers based on their social media engagement, online feedback, click-through behaviour, location data etc.
  • Enhance customer experience: Real-time tracking and understanding of customer experience and needs online
  • New product development: Design new products by incorporating features that factor in customer opinions on social media