Merilytics | Sales and Marketing
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Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

We partner with our clients to analyze vast amounts of transactional data available internally and through syndicated third-party sources, to enable more informed sales and marketing decisions. Our solutions enable clients to better understand their customers, improve the ROI of marketing spend, optimize pricing and product assortment, and increase sales force effectiveness.

Customer Analytics

Businesses that leverage the data generated across customer touch points to generate deep actionable insights have a definitive competitive edge. We use big data technologies to enable clients to better understand their customers and craft strategies to identify, target and retain the customers that deliver long-term value.


We connect consumer behavior, demographics, lifestyle choices, and media habits to understand and evaluate customer segments. We leverage internal platforms that provide sophisticated automation services for data handling and employ a host of powerful multivariate segmentation algorithms (such as CHAID, CART, hierarchical clustering, k-means etc.) to identify patterns in consumer attributes to find hidden patterns in consumer behavior.


Some of our analyses include:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer profitability and LTV analysis
  • Churn and attrition risk prediction
  • Customer satisfaction analytics

Marketing Spend Analytics

We partner with our clients to ensure that every marketing dollar spend generates the expected and competitive short-term and long-term returns. We develop customized analytical applications and tools that provide a holistic look at various forms of marketing spend and design the most optimal mix and effective marketing spend plans based on historical performance.


Some of our services include:

  • Measure ROI of marketing initiatives across channels
  • Recommend optimal marketing spend mix
  • Design and analyze test and control experiments for new initiatives

Pricing and Promotions

We provide deep analytical insights to strategically price and promote products while accounting for changes in market dynamics. We leverage an integrated internal platform that automates the data handling and uses pricing algorithms based on constrained optimization techniques overlaid with heuristic rules, which provide tremendous flexibility to incorporate context-specific business rules.


Key features of our solutions:

  • Consolidated visualization of effect of price change (profitability, revenues etc.) across pricing methodologies
  • Trace revenue and margin leaks through identification of outliers in customer and product profitability
  • Impact estimation through business intelligence across price profile, segment, product line, channel, geography, time etc.


Key benefits to clients:

  • Real-time evaluation of consumer response and sensitivity to Promotions, Base Price changes and relative pricing changes
  • Identification of key competitors and understanding of relative performance
  • Optimization of pricing and promotions to drive incremental profits and share
  • Effective trade promotion management strategies

Assortment and Category Management

We work with clients in the CPG and Retail industry, to effectively manage their Category Management and Assortment initiatives, to maximize sales, sales velocities and optimize inventory turns.


Some example of our analytical solutions in this space are:

  • Assortment and Planogram optimization
  • Competitor benchmarking and distribution gap analysis
  • Market basket analysis
  • Private label potential analysis

Sales Force Optimization

We partner with clients to transform the data generated by CRM systems into tangible insights for monitoring and increasing sales force effectiveness. Our customized solutions enable our clients to plan the sales force needs, track and understand the sales process, identify ‘at risk’ clients and prioritize leads. Some examples of our value-added analyses are related to Sales force planning, Sales force effectiveness, Sales funnel analysis, Lead prioritization analysis etc.