Merilytics | Risk Management
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Risk Management

Risk Management


At Merilytics, we partner primarily with financial services firms to provide robust analytical applications to identify, quantify and manage risk. Our risk management approach focuses on ensuring our clients have the capability to holistically measure risk across operations, credit, finance and regulatory compliance. We enable our clients to develop solutions that ensure returns are commensurate with the associated risk and help increase risk-adjusted returns while catering to the regulatory requirements, in a cost-efficient manner.

Risk Modeling

We leverage advance modeling techniques to provide diverse risk models across the customer lifecycle for wide range of lending and depository products. Some of our risk modeling solutions include:

  • Response modeling across different channels
  • Customer acquisition risk models
  • Propensity to pay modelling
  • Portfolio stress testing¬† and CCAR models
  • Fraud detection algorithms

Model Management and Regulatory Compliance

  • End-to-end model management including development, validation and monitoring
  • Analytical applications to manage model risk and streamline regulatory compliance