Merilytics | Capabilities
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Leveraging advanced technological and technical capabilities is an integral part of how we deliver superior value to our clients. We employ a wide range of analytical tools and techniques to enable our clients to realize maximum value from their data assets.


Our analytical tools enable automated data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) in a highly secure environment. In addition, we employ various machine learning algorithms and advanced analytical techniques to find intrinsic patterns in data, and overlay those patterns with our domain expertise to generate valuable insights.

Data Capabilities

  • Data Sourcing:
    • Employ automated data sourcing techniques for loading data from multiple sources – social media, e-commerce platforms, government websites, syndicated data sources and other data marts using the latest Big Data Platforms (Kafka, Flume, Sqoop, Storm)
    • Leverage tools such as Alteryx, DataStage, Informatica for sourcing and blending the required data


  • Data Integration
    • Significant experience in cleansing, massaging, standardizing and integrating both structured and unstructured data in various formats to enable efficient processing. Some of the platforms we use include Java, RStudio, Python, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, HBase, Hive, Cassandra etc.
    • Collate POS data, company data from ERP, social media data, census data etc. to a single data warehouse


  • Data Security
    • Merilytics has ISO 27001:2013 certified processes for information security management. A certified information security management system demonstrates our commitment to safeguard privileged information relating to the organization and its business and provides confidence that assets are suitably protected – whether held on paper, electronically, or as employee knowledge.

Advanced Analytics & Visualization

We enable clients to identify and solve complex business problems with our expertise in Statistics, Machine learning and Visualization

  • Apply various heuristic optimization techniques using genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, ant colony, particle swarm to attain business objectives while incorporating context based rules/constraints
  • Leverage predictive modeling using techniques such as Naïve Bayes Classifier, Random forests, CHAID, CART and Neural Networks
  • Deploy multivariate segmentation algorithms such as CHAID, CART, hierarchical clustering, k-means etc. to identify patterns in consumer attributes
  • Use advanced text mining and natural language processing techniques to sift through vast amounts of data from various channels such as CRM databases, Email and social media websites for customer feedback or preferences. Further, apply segmentation techniques to understand and enhance customer experience
  • Leverage advanced visualization software to build dynamic and interactive content and data dashboards, using BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, QlikView and frameworks such as Angular JS, D3.js, Ext JS etc.